The WINGS TANDEM rating can happen in two different ways:

  1. Full course
  2. Transition course

 1. Prerequisites

Requirements 1, 3, 4 and 7 below must be met before entering the course. The other requirements may be met with our examiners (on a case-by-case basis).

  1. reached the age of 18 years
  2. hold a USPA coach or USPA Instructor rating
  3. logged 500 jumps on a ram-air canopy
  4. a minimum of 3 years experience in parachuting
  5. Present a current FAA Class 3 Medical Certificate (Class 2 in Europe)
  6. D-Licence
  7. did a cutaway

2. Full Course

The Full course consists of three phases:

  • 1 theoretical preparation phase
  • 1 phase of 5 jumps with an examiner
  • 1 phase of 5 jumps with experienced skydivers (100 jumps minimum)

The user manual is the course material.

For the jump phases we advise you to have:

  • wide jumpsuit
  • soft helmet (e.g. leather skydive helmet)
  • audible

3. Transition Course

The Transition course is for skydivers who already have a manufacturer rating accepted by the USPA and the FAI.

The program will be as follow:

  • 1 theoretical preparation phase adapted to this course
  • 2 transition jumps

Availabilities : Click HERE

 Course fee : Click HERE


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