UPT SIGMA Tandem Master / UPT SIGMA Tandem Instructor

The SIGMA Tandem rig, designed and manufactured by UPT (United Parachutes Technologies), is the most used Tandem skydiving container in the world. Its qualities are no longer to be demonstrated. The SIGMA, a worthy successor to the Vector II, has established itself as the number 1 Tandem Parachute thanks to its revolutionary system: the disk. This disk advantageously replaces the three rings systems used on conventional tandem rigs. The UPT Tandem Instructor training course tackles this technical subject, which is very interesting. The rating course which makes it possible to become a UPT SIGMA Tandem Instructor also addresses the following technical points: Collins Lanyard, Skyhook…

How to become a SIGMA Tandem Instructor: become a UPT SIGMA Tandem MASTER

The UPT Vector / Sigma rating can happen in two different ways: the ab initio course and the short course respectively called: the full course and the transition course.

  • Full Course

The full course is for skydivers who do not have a TANDEM rating or who have an unrecognized rating. This training is an initial training (see content below).

  • Transition Course

The transition course is for skydivers who already have a valid tandem rating and log at least 25 TANDEM jumps.

UPT SIGMA Tandem Instructor Prerequisite

Requirements 1, 3 and 4 below must be met before entering the course. The other requirements may be met with our examiners (on a case-by-case basis).

  1. reached the age of 18 years
  2. hold a USPA coach or USPA Instructor rating (more info here)
  3. logged 500 jumps on a ram-air canopy
  4. a minimum of 3 years experience in parachuting
  5. Present a current FAA Class 3 Medical Certificate
  6. D-License

Full Course – UPT SIGMA Tandem Instructor

the full course consists of four phases:

  • 1 theoretical and practical (with gear) preparation phase (with a written test – click here)
  • 1 phase of 5 jumps with an examiner
  • 1 phase of 5 jumps with experienced skydivers (100 jumps minimum)
  • 1 probation period of 15 jumps

The user manual is the course material. (download the manual HERE)

For the jump phases we advise you to have:

  • wide jumpsuit
  • soft helmet (e.g. leather skydive helmet)
  • audible

Transition Course – UPT SIGMA Tandem Instructor

The transition course is for skydivers who already have a valid manufacturer rating.

It is necessary to satisfy the UPT conditions and to have at least 25 tandem jumps.

In this case, the program is as follows :

  • 1 theoretical preparation phase adapted to this course
  • 2 transition jumps to familiarize yourself with the gear
Tandem Instructor UPT SIGMA


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